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How to relieve mucus from lungs easily – Ayurvedic remedies 


      The covid epidemic has already taken a lot of lives.The main symptoms of covid 19 is fever, cough and body pain. Everyone is scared even when it comes to a common fever. Mucus accumulation in the lungs is a major problem. It is a major problem for children. Pneumonia is the infection that inflames air sacs in both lungs .The air sacs are filled with pus.It is a .if threatening condition. 

      We can relieve mucus from lungs. Taking hot water can provide immediate  and sustained relief from mucus build up in the chest. Steam inhalation  helps to keep the air moist, can loosen mucus and reduce coughing and congestion. Salt water gargling helps to relieve mucus from the throat. 

       Phlegm is a mucus produced in the lungs .Placing a cool mist humidifier in the room can promote better sleep.It prevents the sore throat. Drink plenty of water can thin the mucus and help the sinuses to drain. Apply warm, wet cloth to the face. Inhaling through a damp cloth is the quick way to return moisture to the nose and throat.

        Saline spray can clear out mucus from the nose.one teaspoon of salt take in a glass of warm water  and gargle several times per day .Avoid smoking.Avoid chemicals, pollution,fragrance. Avoid alcohol.Taking a hot bath. 

       We can clear chest mucus naturally.  Taking honey may be more effective  than traditional  medication. Taking a spoon of honey every day helps to relieve mucus.some essential oils helps to loosen mucus from the chest.

            Consume respiratory health promoting ingredients .one lemon, ginger,garlic,oral zinc etc.It helps to treat cough,cold.Gargling warm salt water helps to clear phlegm. It kills germs and soothes your sore throat.

      Fill a bowl with hot water and gently  breathe in the steam and moisture with a towel covering the bowl and your face. It helps to loosen mucus.Take test. It helps to work your immune system at full capacity. Sleep with your head propped up on several pillows to make breathing easier.Take a hot shower. If you are not feeling.ing better after a few days,make an appointment  with your doctor. 

      Today we can see a natural remedy to relieve mucus from the chest. Do exercises,  Eat warm foods,drink hot water,and avoid stress.

         In the case of covid 19, you should take the vaccine. It reduces the intensity of this diseases.  It reduces the death rates also. It is better to drink boiled water with ginger and blackcumin. Take vitamin A,C,D containing foods.Take breathing exercises.

        Take Tulsi leaves,panikoorka leaves,grinded pepper mix with honey and take. If you have body pain, you can heat rock salt,kurunthotti juice and apply to the body before bath. You can mix turmeric  to the milk and drink at night . You can take chyavana Prasam.panchakarma treat is best.

        In Ayurveda,  we will get a lot of remedies to relieve mucus from the chest. We can take citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Self monitoring  health is necessary. 

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