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Ape e city Electric  auto Rickshaw- New features, Battery swapping technology 


          Now the number of electric vehicles in our country is increasing. Because petrol and diesel are more expensive so electrical vehicles are more profitable. Electric vehicles use a battery pack to store the electrical energy that power the motor. These vehicles use one or more electric motors. We can charge these batteries at home. We can see  four types of electric cars.They are fuel cell vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles,battery  electric  vehicles. 

     Electric vehicles reduce harmful air pollutants from exhaust emissions. Electric vehicles are energy efficient and it  requires lower maintenance. It does not require motor oil. Proper care of the batteries can help extend the life of batteries.

     Today we can see an electric  auto Rickshaw. It saves money and it is powered by a lithium ion battery. Electric auto rickshaws have been more popular in some cities because of their low fuel cost and it needs less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws. 

     Today we can see a new type of electric  auto Rickshaw. Its name was ape e city.It has some other fascinating  features. Now most of the vehicles  are converted  into electric vehicles. 

     Electric  vehicles  reduce pollution. Normally emission  norms are being updated from BS IV to VI.But in electrical  vehicles, it produces zero emissions. It is an eco-friendly  vehicle. Its body is the same as the ape city.It is very stable when high speed.It has normal Suspension  also.

         It has battery swapping  technology. It offers range per single charge is an important  aspect of electric  vehicles. Other autos have a range of 70 km . This auto has a range  of 80 km.

       We can plug it in overnight to get completely charged .Technical difficulties  in setting  up fast charging at home.Piaggio had charging Stations in trivandrum. In fixed batteries charged after 4 to 5 hours once the range is completed. But it is impossible. 

      We can easily cover the range with some tricks. IN Ape city auto Rickshaw,  we can get a new battery in just 2 minutes  from the charging  station if its range is over. They will get a key fob. It has a sensor. It is the identity of a driver. We can change batteries  using this key fob. It is the most highlighted feature of this vehicle. 

      Ape offers lifetime warranty for the battery. This model comes with 3 batteries. It has 48 volt batteries. Ape costs around Rs 2 /km. Its cost is Rs 2,23,000.we can travel 80 km for Rs 159 .

      It provides  profit to the user. It has fewer moving parts. You have to change housing oil at 20,000 km ,and top up brake oil at 10,000km.The company offers a warranty of up to 3years. 

       Each battery  has 13.5vkg weight. This battery has GPS tracking and IP 67 rating. These are  water proof batteries.   Battery is located in a high place. It has a 5.6 kW motor. It doesn’t need permits and road tax. Renew the insurance  each year. 

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