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Archives / September 2, 2021

Dubai Golden visa – Eligibility and how to apply 

        One person in Kerala has also received a UAE Golden visa. Today we can see what is a Golden visa and what are the eligibility requirements to get a Golden visa. Golden visa offers long term Residency to people belonging to certain groups. In 2019 UAE implemented a new system for long term residence...CONTINUE READING

How to unlock locked phone without password

         We all use mobile phones. It is very important  in our life. It facilitates us in our way of life.we use mobile phones for a variety of purposes. It has the ability to keep in touch with family, business,and friends.  We can receive calls,store data,take pictures, etc. Mobile phone reception has improved greatly  due...CONTINUE READING
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10 small businesses can be started at very low cost

          Starting a business is almost everyone’s dream . But usually starting a business requires a very large amount of money. But for an ordinary person it is a very difficult thing. But there are some businesses that we can start with very little amount.The investment required to start this is very less and as...CONTINUE READING