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Archives / September 2021

10 home businesses starting with low investment 

       Home businesses are small businesses that you operate from our home. This business usually has a very small number of employees. We can start a successful business in our home. In this time when social distance may be important. More people than ever are glad to stay at home for work. The home business...CONTINUE READING

5 Repacking  businesses- how to start with low investment 

       If you are ready to start a business,you should choose the right business idea. Finding the best business  idea is very difficult. So take your time to explore the options. There are a lot of businesses you can start at your home. You  can start these businesses  with minimal overhead expenses. These ideas that...CONTINUE READING

Universal  travel pass – How to apply, importance of this pass

          Covid 19 vaccination certificate  is very important.  It is necessary to travel to most places.you can register for a travel pass online from your home .Universal pass helps the people to travel in covid 19 as well.These travel pass will be made for only three categories. They are for medical,utility and education  purposes.         The Maharashtra...CONTINUE READING

How to apply certified  copy of land document 

      Land Documents  are acceptable to lenders with respect  to the land. Land documents used for deed, lease,easement,license,waiver etc. These documents  convey to the borrower a fee interest,leasehold,to the land and adjoining property  necessary for access to the land. Land records  include ROR s ,register of lands, tenancy,mutation  register,etc.Before venturing into any property, make sure...CONTINUE READING

Electric  vehicles  charging station  

        Electric vehicles use battery packs to store the electrical energy. This vehicle uses one or more electric motors. Electric vehicles are eco-friendly as they run on  electrically powered engines. Petrol or diesel engine vehicles emit toxic gases  in the environment. Electric vehicles help improve air quality and will lead to less health problems. That’s...CONTINUE READING
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