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Archives / July 2021

We can buy hair trimmer  at low cost

           Today I would like to inform you about a hair trimmer. Hair trimmer is used to cut human head hair . It works on the same principle as scissors but are distinct  from scissors themselves and razors.Trimmers come with attachments  to help trim the length of the hair. It is a very useful instrument. ...CONTINUE READING

How to make a profitable business  with cow  dung powder    

              Today I would like to introduce a new business  .It is a business that sells dried and powdered cow dung in packets. It is a variety and profitable  business. Cow dung is rich in minerals,  nitrogen,phosphorus,potassium, etc. It supports the growth of microorganisms in the soil.It is an organic fertilizer. It has antimicrobial  activity....CONTINUE READING

How to buy a stock market share from a company

         Today I would like to share with you information about how to buy a share from the stock market. A stock market is the aggregation of sellers and buyers of stocks. It is the collection of markets and exchanges where regular buying, selling. In these markets individual and company investors come together to buy...CONTINUE READING

Branded quality home appliances at low cost 

        Today I would like to introduce a place where we get quality home appliances at low cost. We will get a washing machine, fridge, microwaves at low cost.Normally the electronic products have huge prices. Every person wants good quality home appliances. It has less maintenance, lasts longer, works better. Never compromise with the quality...CONTINUE READING

A place where we get aluminium utensils at low cost

        Today I would like to introduce a place where we get  aluminium utensils at low cost. It is in Jagan metal mart, modachur road,Erode, Tamil nadu. These are quality materials. We can buy single pieces and whole sale materials at low cost.Ir is an aluminium manufacturing unit. We can buy small to big utensils....CONTINUE READING

How To restore deleted whatsapp messages from our mobile phone 

        Today I would like to inform you about how to restore deleted whatsapp messages from our phone. Whatsapp is a free download application. We can connect with our friends, relatives and others through this platform. It allows users to send text messages, voice messages, voice calls, video calls, images, documents etc.       With whatsapp many...CONTINUE READING