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   How to download sandes app in our mobile


Today I would like to introduce a new messaging  application.  It is the application  of Indian government. This is a potential  alternative  to whatsapp. This application  doesn’t  get in the play store. It is available  for iphone and android  phones.

     We can download  this application  from its official  website . It is an open source based indigenous messaging platform  developed  by the National Information  center.

     The National Informatic Center has launched an instant message platform called sandes . It includes email ,mobile based self registration, messaging, file and media sharing,  audio,video call,profile management, etc.

      Now sandes app is only for authorized  government  employees. We will get this app via the government’s site. This app has an interface similar to many other apps. No option to transfer the chat history  between two platforms.

      We can use a  slide mobile number to register  the user for the first time. It allows users to mark a message as confidential. It will allow the recipient to be made aware the message should not be shared with others. 

       We can download  this application from the government  website.open and install the application. Its name in android is gims. We can sign up with a mobile number.

         We can upload our photos.we can sink our contacts. We can create  groups.  We can add our contacts  to it.It is backed up in the storage  of the phone.It is an encrypted  messaging application.  

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