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How to make simple egg incubator at home 


     Today I would like to inform  you about how to make a simple egg incubator.  This can be done as self employment in this situation where a lot of people  are losing their jobs. We can incubate the eggs using the incubator. 

      But most people  do not know much about it.An incubator used to regulate temperature, humidity  and it is allowed for air renewal and egg turning . It provides perfect environmental  conditions  for embryonic development.  We will get high hatchability of healthy chicks.

       You should  select fertilized eggs.control the temperature, humidity, ventilation, egg turning  and egg cooling. An incubator  recreates the conditions  that are required  to hatch eggs. We should keep the settings stable and constant.

      Eggs must be turned  at 6 times daily during the incubation period.  Do not turn eggs during the last 3 days before hatching. Keep 6he incubator closed during  hatching to maintain  proper temperature. The best temperature  for egg incubation  is 99 to 102 °F. If there is too high humidity, it tends to produce a late hatch.

     We can make an incubator  in our home. We need a paper box/ thermocol. Fill the box with a thermocol . If you get a thermocol box , you don’t need a paper box.we will get an incubator  kit as a courier.we will get a thermostat, sensor, adapter, wire tags, fan ,holder from this kit. We should buy a 40W bulb. 

    We can connect a plug.  We can set the sensor . Make  holes in the thermocol  and fit holder, fan and sensor.  Put a bottle of water into it.  Then rotate the eggs for 18 days. After 23 days we will get chiks. 

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