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How to make a powerful audio amplifier simply


        Today I would like to inform you about how to make an audio  amplifier.  It is a simple and powerful amplifier.  It supports auxiliary  input,USB, bluetooth,SD card.

     An amplifier increases the power  of a signal. It amplifies low power electronic audio signals  to a level that is high enough for loud speakers.  These amplifiers are found in all manner of sound systems.

      It reproduces input audio signals at sound producing output elements  with adequate  volume and power. It increases the power output Of our source to the level we want. It boosts the sound to overcome road noise. It improves the clarity  of music .

      But amplifiers are expensive. So today I would like to introduce you to how to make an audio amplifier.  We need a case for it. It works in 5 volt DC. We need a 5volt 2 ampere adapter for it.

        We need a DC female port to connect the adapter and 2 RCA sockets to take speaker output from the amplifier. Connect the female port and RCA sockets,groomet  to the case. Connect a switch to it. 

      We need a bluetooth panel . We can buy it from electronics  shops. Screw it in the case. The Bluetooth panel works in 5 volt DC. Do not give more supply, we can connect a 30 w amplifier board to it. . 

     Remove the audio socket and power socket and connect the amplifier  module.  Bend the left out,right out,ground pin. Solder the amplifier  . Connect the wire and connect it to the case. 

       Plastic washers are necessary in metal cases.  Connect from RCA socket to amplifier output connection. Connect radio antenna wire .Then connect DC positive connection  to the switch.

Then connect to the female port.

     Connect the speakers. Check the amplifier and audio output.

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