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PVC pipe manufacturing  in kerala


       Today I would like to inform you about how to make PVC pipes. PVC pipes are used for plumbing and drainage.It stands for polyvinyl chloride . It is a common replacement  for metal piping. It has durability, strength,easy installation, and low cost.  PVC pipes are low carbon plastic  and it requires  less energy. It has low weight. It lasts long with minimum maintenance. 

       It can be cut,shaped ,welded and joined easily in a variety  of styles.  It is resistant to weathering, rotting,shock and abrasion. It has many uses.It is used as vinyl siding,magnetic  stripe cards,window profile,and plumbing.pvc cables have high tensile strength, flexible good conductors, and are easy to join.

       These wires are used for home appliances, wiring of circuits,power supply solutions, mining operations, etc. Pvc pipes help conserve energy and water by creating leak free pipes. It improves  functionality.  It lasts between 25 -40 years.

        Today we can see the manufacturing unit of pvc pipes. PVC  resin is an important raw  material. 7 types of raw materials  are used.These raw materials  are put in a funnel. Then heat these materials  and make a compound. There is a dust collector .

       It melts the powder and  goes through  the dye. There are different  types of dyes.   Then vacuum the pipe materials through a machine. Then cooling these materials. Then cut the materials. Check the pressure  of the pipes. They make different  types of pipes. 

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