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Archives / July 2021

   How to download sandes app in our mobile

  Today I would like to introduce a new messaging  application.  It is the application  of Indian government. This is a potential  alternative  to whatsapp. This application  doesn’t  get in the play store. It is available  for iphone and android  phones.      We can download  this application  from its official  website . It is an open...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News

How to start a business of pure coconut  oil

          Today I would  like to inform you about how to start a business  with pure coconut  oil.  Coconut is rich in fiber . It improves the health  of the heart,helps to weight loss,digestion. Coconut water reduces sodium, add potassium  in our diets.        Coconut  oil contains  fatty acids. It encourages  our body  to burn fat....CONTINUE READING

What to do to bear more papaya  fruits  at the bottom

        Today I would like to inform  you about what to do to bear papaya fruit from the bottom. Papaya is a delicious tropical  fruit. It contains  high levels of antioxidants, vitamin E,vitamin C,vitamin  A. It reduces heart diseases. It prevents oxidation  of cholesterol.         It contains  large amounts  of phytoestrogen,It stimulates breast growth .It is...CONTINUE READING

How to recharge 1.5 v batteries with a mobile charger     

          Today I would like to introduce you to how to recharge a 1.5 v battery with a mobile charger. The most commonly used 1.5 v batteries  are AA size.1.5 v batteries  can be used to power a huge number of household and industrial  electronics  . These batteries  are used in clocks, remotes,alarms,and flashlights.       We...CONTINUE READING

How to make a powerful audio amplifier simply

          Today I would like to inform you about how to make an audio  amplifier.  It is a simple and powerful amplifier.  It supports auxiliary  input,USB, bluetooth,SD card.      An amplifier increases the power  of a signal. It amplifies low power electronic audio signals  to a level that is high enough for loud speakers.  These amplifiers...CONTINUE READING

How to make simple egg incubator at home 

       Today I would like to inform  you about how to make a simple egg incubator.  This can be done as self employment in this situation where a lot of people  are losing their jobs. We can incubate the eggs using the incubator.        But most people  do not know much about it.An incubator used to...CONTINUE READING

PVC pipe manufacturing  in kerala

         Today I would like to inform you about how to make PVC pipes. PVC pipes are used for plumbing and drainage.It stands for polyvinyl chloride . It is a common replacement  for metal piping. It has durability, strength,easy installation, and low cost.  PVC pipes are low carbon plastic  and it requires  less energy. It...CONTINUE READING
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