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Archives / June 2021

How to make the lights in our homes automatic  

             Today I would like to inform you about how to make the lights in our homes automatic. Automatic lights are very useful in our home because they offer an inexpensive ,effective way to minimise lighting costs, by turning unneeded lights off. It’s motion sensor turns the lights on when movement is sensed  and turns...CONTINUE READING

50,000 women get sewing machines for free in Kerala 

          Today I would like to inform you about  women getting a sewing machine for free. In this situation where the covid-19 is increased everyone is struggling financially. Many people lost their jobs. Many expatriates returned after losing their jobs. Many expatriates could not return after leave. This caused financial hardship to many households. The...CONTINUE READING

What are the dangers of using internet  in children

             Today I would like to inform you about the dangers of using the internet.  The Internet  is the global system of interconnected computer  networks.  It connects computers  all over the world. We can share information and we can communicate  with each other. It connects different  computer  systems.  It carries an extensive  range of information ...CONTINUE READING

How to manufacture LED televisions in India

        Today I would like to introduce you to how to manufacture television.  Television  is a very important  thing in our life. We can see a television  manufacturing  unit in Noida. This videotex  company manufactures LED televisions. Videotex is the earliest  implementation  of an end user information  system. It provides interactive  content.  It is an...CONTINUE READING

We can buy beautiful lehengas  at Rs 250 – Rs 15,000

      Today I would like to introduce  a place  where we get fancy lehengas at low prices.Its price is from Rs 250 – Rs 15,000.we can order a single piece. We will have different  types of lehengas.Lehengas are ankle length skirts from Indian subcontinent. Lehengas are made with different patterns and styles of traditional embroideries....CONTINUE READING