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How to make an air  conditioner  with bronze pieces

        Today I would like to inform you about how to make an air conditioner.   Now the weather  is very hot. We can’t remember sitting  at home without air conditioners.  But air conditioners  are very expensive. It is very difficult for an ordinary person to buy and keep an AC that is expensive. Air conditioners  maintain the right level of moisture  and temperature.  It ,reps air quality.  It maintains a suitable humidity in rooms.

     We can make air conditioners  using bronze (oad).we need 5 bronze for this purpose.  Cut the upper part of the bronze and cut 4 pieces. Its width should become 15cm. Wash the bronze well. 

      Take a plastic basin and put two ½ pieces of brick in it.And place a full brick place on top .place a wooden board on top of it.place the cut bronze one on top of the other.when place the bronze ,place the hole can be  seen in the middle.

     The pump set used in the aquarium can then be placed  in the basin. Take a PVC pipe that insect the pump set and it is at the same height  of the bronzes. Connect the pvc pipe to the pump set and  connect another L shaped pipe  to the pvc pipe.  Then set another pvc pipe. Connect  a T shaped joint to it. Connect an elbow to it. 

   This helps to reduce the temperature  of the room. Pour water on the basin.  Switch on the pump and  place a table fan on the back of the basin. Otherwise we can set this near the window.

     We can use normal ware or cool water for this . It is a natural air cooling  system.we can connect lights to it.  

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