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How to lighten candles with IR remotes

      Today I would like to inform you about how to light candles with IR remotes.we can light this candle using an electric  circuit. We can see how to do it. 


9v battery

1K resistor

An IR receiver TSOP 1738

A Nichrome wire

Led bulb

       Firstly  taking the IR receiver,  we can see three pins to it.first pin is ground,second is vcc and third one is out. We can bend the third pin  and connect the 1k resistor to it.  Cut its one leg and solder to the out pin.

     Then cut the other leg of the resistor  and  connect with the LED bulb.we will get the receiver  circuit. We can connect positive voltage to the middle pin. Bend the LED bulb and connect to the 9v battery. We can see the light Blinked.

     We need Nichrome  wire. Cut the 4 cm of Nichole wire and connect with an extra piece of wire. We took 25 cm  two wires.coiling the small piece of Nichrome  wire to the end of red wire. Let’s take a match box.coil the nichrome wire around the head of the safety match stick. Match sticks become hot and lightened.

    Connecting this wire across the LED bulb.when the LED bulb lights up,the nichrome wire becomes hot and the matchstick will light up. We can take a box and make a hope of it. We can connect the receiver  to it and that portion of receiver should be seen from outside. Fix the receiver  with a tape. We shall connect the battery to the cap and take a piece of double sided tape sticking it in the box.

          Peel the paper and stick the battery close to an edge. We can make a hole in the middle . We can bring  out the match stick and wire to be connected to the candle. 

            Take a candle. Mark the middle part deeply.we can fit the wire inside the candle. We can set the candle in the box.Set the filament portion  up behind the portion which is shown to others. 

        We can press any button of the remote,the candle will fire.

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