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We can change the table fan to air cooler

        Today we can see how to make air cooler at home.Air cooler is used to cool our rooms. It works expanding the surface area  or increasing the flow of air  over the object to be cooled. 

       It helps to cool our room . But it is very expensive. An air conditioner circulates the air of the room again and again. Air cooler pulls fresh air from outside and cools  it down.

         Air cooler gives a better quality  of air for our room. Portable air coolers are cost effective. Today we can see how to make air cooler.

Copper pipe    –    15 meter(  Rs 1300)

Table fan top cover

Water level pipe  –  11/2 meter

Water pump (Rs 280)

         Firstly  we can tie the copper pipe in this table fan top’s cover  tightly. Attach the water level pipe in the two sides of copper pipe to avoid water leakage. And fix the  two sides of Copper pipe and water level pipe with a wire tie.

      Water is passed through  this copper pipe. We can use this water pump for 31/2 meter. Connect the pipe with motor . We can fix  it with glue.  Take a bucket and fill with ice water. Dip the motor pump in this bucket. We can connect this to the table fan. We get cool air from this fan . It is very effective. 

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