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How to reuse the damaged gas lighter again

      Today I would like to inform you how to reuse the damaged lighter. Gas lighter is used to light the stove burner.  It is used to generate an electric spark  from stoves burner. We can see different type of gas lighter.Flame gas lighter contains a combustible fuel.

             Sometimes a gas lighter causes shock. Because the tip of the lighter has high voltage. It produces a spark between the tip and body of lighter. If you touch the lighter, we will get a light shock .

       Sometimes  gas lighter fails to spark, we didn’t use it again. But today I want to introduce you how to reuse this damaged gas lighter. Clean the lighter . Check the flame adjustment of the lighter.

       We can use this lighters again.wecan twist and remove its parts. The main cause is the accumulation of dirt particles. We can clean the body of lighter with anything. Use a sand paper and clean the inside of the body. Then clean the metal portion . Replace all parts. It will be ok. Itis very easy.

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