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Financial assistance Rs 35,000 to mothers of differently abled children


      Today I would like to inform you about a new financial assistance for women. This scheme is called swasraya scheme kerala. This financial assistance gives to the parents of mentally retarded and differently abled persons.  They need medical,special care and attention, financial responsibilities. This is very difficult to parents 

        Mentally retarded  people’s medicines are very expensive.  They get Rs 525 from aswasakiranam  to caregivers of bed ridden persons. But it is cannot cover all needs. So introduced a scheme called swasraya. This scheme provides  assistance to single mothers will enable to find employment. This scheme provides Rs 35,000 to them. They can apply to the district social justice offices. They should submit the project report. 


They must be in BPL family

Children having 70% disability 

Children’s are severely  Mentally retarded  or disabled

Unwed mothers,widows

Single women/wives abandoned  by husbands

Divorced women

Close Relatives who take care of mentally retarded  patients 

     This is a very large benefit to the women. This amount is not refundable. They can start self employment. 

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