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Archives / April 11, 2021

Financial assistance Rs 35,000 to mothers of differently abled children

        Today I would like to inform you about a new financial assistance for women. This scheme is called swasraya scheme kerala. This financial assistance gives to the parents of mentally retarded and differently abled persons.  They need medical,special care and attention, financial responsibilities. This is very difficult to parents          Mentally retarded  people’s medicines are...CONTINUE READING

A 1250 square feet  beautiful house  at Rs 16 lakh

      Today I would like to introduce  a beautiful house at 16 lakhs.Everyone has a dream to make a house at low cost. Today we can see a house with 3 bedrooms. This house has 1250 square feet.          A house is a building that serves as living place for families.  It is a shelter.This house has...CONTINUE READING