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Archives / April 5, 2021

Natural remedy to remove the dark circles around the neck

   Today I would like to inform you about how to remove the dark pigmentation around the neck.  We  can see the dark  pigmentation  in the groin,armpits,and neck. It is uncomfortable.  It is occur due to obesity  or diabetes,PCOD,Thyroid diseases,hormonal imbalance.     We can be remove dark pigmentation  using natural methods.Take 2 tablespoon of gram flour,½ tsp...CONTINUE READING

How to change normal inverter to solar inverter 

      Today I would like to inform you how to change the normal inverter to the solar inverter. Our houses have power cut. It is very difficult for us during power cut time. If the power goes south then our electronic devices like TV,fridges,  computers,will not work.And power cuts will be very irritable for us. So...CONTINUE READING