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How to save electricity  by using a refrigerator 

     Today I would like to inform you about a new warning from KSEB.KSEB has suggested about how to using the fridge in this summer. It is very important. Those who want to buy a fridge should also pay attention to this thing. We can save more electricity through this method.

      Fridge is a large container, kept cool by using electricity.  Every house has fridges. Always consider top mounted freezer fridges.Always put less food items in the fridge. So it will use less energy . Avoid weight thingd put in the door of the fridge.

     When buying a  fridge,buy only one that is the enough size fridge.Select an energy efficient refrigerator.  A 165 liter fridge is enough for a a family of 4 members. As the size of the fridge increases,electricity cost will also increases.

     The 5 star fridges uses 385 units of electricity per year.Similarly a 2 star fridge consumes 706 units of electricity per year.A fridge without  star mark consumes 900 units of electricity per year.

      Ensure ventilation around the fridge. The fridge should be 4 inches away from the wall.Check that the door of the fridge is properly closed.Change the rubber beading of the door.Be sure to refrigerate food items after it is cool.

      Do not open the fridge frequently. Adjust the thermostat.Cover the food and keep it in the fridge. Defrost the freezer at correct time,

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