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How to increases the speed of a ceiling fan

       Today I would like to inform you about how to increase the speed of ceiling fan.Ceiling fan gives fresh and cool air across the whole room.It Is useful for cooling.The ceiling fan can be found in every home.It has good speed when first purchased. But after a while you can see the speed decreases.

     Today I want to introduce how to increase the speed of a fan.we can replace the capacitor.It will increases the speed of a fan. The main problem  is ,oss of beRing lubrication  and poor blade balance. Lubricate the fans moving parts. 

      Now started the summer season. So we need fan. If the speed of fan decreases, we are disturbed and we did not get adequate wind. We can increase the speed of a fan very easily.

       Firstly off the switch of the fan.loosen the screw and put the cup on top. We can see the capacitor. It has 3 wires.Fan has starting winding and running winding. One wire has go to common.loosen the wires and disconnect. Check the value of capacitor. Its normal value is 2.25mf.

       Replace new capacitor .close the cup. It will increases the speed of fan.  

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