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We can travel 100 km at Rs 14 by an  electric scooter

         Today I would like to inform you about an electric scooter. This is a type of personal type of personal light electric vehicle.It can save money . It protects our environment.  We can park it easily. These scooters are more convenient.  It does not need driving license. We can use this scooter easily. It gives same mileage as a petrol scooter.  Its battery should last for one to three years.

      Now increasing petrol and diesel rate day by day. So electric scooters are very important  to us. Today I would like to introduce an electric bike manufactured by pure EV company ,Hyderabad. This electric  scooter is called E Pluto 7G.

We can travel this scooter at low rate. We can travel 100 km, we need only Rs 24 current.

     We can travel 90 km to 120 km in full charge . Its speed has 60 km. It need 4 hours to get battery full charged . This company gives services also. This electric scooter price is Rs 79999.

     It is very useful to us. It has a good style.It has 2.5 kw battery. It has LED head lamps,anti theft alarm,regenerated breaking system. It has 10 inch tubeless wires. We can remove the battery. This scooter is light weighted.

We can connect two Television in one set top box
Manufacturing of good quality granites