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We can connect two Television in one set top box

    Today I would like to inform you about a new information that we can connect 2 TV connections  from one set top box . Now all houses have new televisions. So they stored their old televisions  to the storeroom.

   one set top box connect only with one TV. But now we will gives a new information.  We can be connect two televisions to one set upbox. It is very useful. We can zee two TV from our house. We can see one tv from first floor 

    We can see how toconnwcttwotelevision connections from one set top box.we can connect through cable / dish receiver. We can use spliter to separate the sockets. We can use RC PIN 2RC socket converter. We need 3 pins.Its onside has one RC PIN and other side has one RC socket.

     Connet these pins to the socket.Buy long av codes to easy connection.  Connect two TV in one set top box. We cansee hdma and Av. We can see same channel .

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