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Importance  of solar air conditioner 

     Today I would like to inform you about solar AC. Solar AC is an air conditioning system that uses solar power. Mainly we can see two types of solar system. Off grid and on grid solar system. Off grid solar system comprises solar panels,batteries  and inverters. The AC unit requires 1500 watts of power.

          This solar Ac has bacteria  filter,power saving,solar inverter battery operated.  It takes 5 ampere. It picks from 52°c. We can connect the air conditioner with current and solar. The rest of power taken from the solar will be taken from the current. So we can use ac from  solar in the day time without inverter.

         We can mix the solar and current .  So this ac work perfectly. It is 1.5 ton. It has 100 % BLDC compressor.  It takes low current.we can select 24° echo mode.   7 solar  panels are recommended.

We will give 250 volt to solar panel. It is very useful product.  It is DC volt completely. 

             If you have any doubt please contact  9400247453. During summer season it is very useful . We can save electricity. 

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