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First electric sports  bike

        Today I would like to share with you about first electric sports bike .All people like bikes. Everyone will be interested to know about the different type of bikes. Today I would like to share with you about the first electric sport bike in kerala. It is Revolt RV 400. It has variety of features.  It looks like normal bikes. We all know that petrol prices are going up everyday. This electric bike will be very useful for us at this time.

      Its light are arranged in a slightly lower position. Front side includes double caliber disc break,upside down shock. Its backside has single caliber disc break,belt drive. It has breaking re- generation system. Its battery warranty is 1 ½ lakh km/8 year.

     It has also mono shock facility. This bike designed in a naked bike style. It has a power button to put off the power. We can see a port for connect the USB. It has a phone charge option also.

      We can see speedometer,indicator in the front side.  We can get 47 range apps in first option,65 in second option,85 in third option.It has a exhaust note controll. We can control this bike by mobile application.we can select the sound mode. 

       It has a sensor key. It has an alarm . We can protect it by thieves It has an automatic locking system. Its sim price for 3 year is Rs 5000. It has GPS tracking system. It takes 4 ½ hour for full charging the battery.  We can turn off the battery. The weight of the battery is 22 kg.

      The price of this bike is Rs 1,62,000. We get Rs 32,000 subsidy. Do not need pay road tax.  We get 3year free service for this bike. It’s two tyres are free also.

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