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Archives / February 16, 2021

We can build a house without loan

        Today I would like to introduce a happy news for you. We can build a house without loan. Having a nice house is everyone’s dream.Everyone wants to build a house without taking a loan.But due to financial difficulties, it is common for everyone to take loan. It may cause very big financial problems. But today...CONTINUE READING

We can start an ayurvedic  medical store 

    Today I would like to inform you about a business, You can start an ayurveda medical store. Many people lost their jobs due to covid 19.Now it is mostly pravasi have lost their jobs. But today we are introducing you to a business that you can start.              You do not need to spend money for...CONTINUE READING

Permanent relief from freezing of limbs 

       Today I would like to inform you about a natural home remedy for freezing of limbs. Freezing of limbs is a common problem.It is a temporary involuntary inability to move. It can be happen commonly in night time.  Sometimes we attempt to rise from sitting, it will happen.       It has no causes. It occurs without...CONTINUE READING
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