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Archives / February 6, 2021

A device saves our house from lightning damages

         Today I would like to inform you how to save our home from lightning. Lightning is the electrical discharge happens during storm. Mainly lightning  has 3 types. Cloud to ground lightning,cloud to air lightning  and cloud to cloud lightning. The most dangerous  colour of lightening is white. This colour indicates low concentration  of moisture in...CONTINUE READING

We get  quality coconuts at Rs 8 

     Today I would like to inform  you about a new business.  Now a lot of people in our place  are suffering from unemployment. I want to share with you the most comforting way to them.  There is a place where you can get coconut for just Rs 8. We can do business by buying coconuts...CONTINUE READING

Importance  of renovation  of our homes

            Today I want to introduce  importance  of renovate a home .Most of us built  a house with the money in our hands. As the  number of members in the house increases ,we may want to make  changes .We often want to renovate it. But it does not do due to lack of money. But today...CONTINUE READING