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Archives / January 17, 2021

Importance  of epoxy table

       Today I want to introduce a variety material for you. It is very useful for us. We all commonly use wood furnitures. But today we are introducing  to you something that we can use as  furniture instead of wood.         Epoxy resin is a material that dries hard and attaches the individual pieces together. We can...CONTINUE READING

Have you seen the clay cooker?

      Today I would like to introducing about a clay cooker. It is in chelary, malappuram. We can see many things made up of clay. We can see a cooker made up of clay.Mainly it is 3 types. 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter. Its price is Rs 900, Rs 1200.       We can see idli cooker....CONTINUE READING