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New smart ration cards are coming

        Today I would like to inform you about a new change in our ration card. The ration card we are using now is in book form. But that is about to change. That’s thing is I want to share with you today. 

       Our state government is going to withdraw our old ration cards. Ration card is changing to the form of the Aadhar card. From now on our ration card will be change it to e-card.

      Today I would like to share with you two new things that we need to know regard in this information. Eligible persons can convert to BPL, AAY cards through taluk office. For those who want to convert to the priority category, the  eligibility criteria are now subject to some changes. 

      Preference is given to those who are burdened with the fatal diseases.They will get more marks to get these cards. This new ration card will have a photo of the person embedded in it.

    ,We can use this ration card as an identity card.  We can simply use this card. QR systems will also be available in Ration shops. This card is electronic  card So it includes QR code.

 We will immediately receive messages  to buy food grains from ration shops. 

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