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We should avoid the combination of these foods

     Today I would like to inform you  about a food never eat together. When we eat certain foods,we get stomach ache and gas trouble. Let’s see why this happened. This can happen when you eat contradictory foods together.

     Banana should not be eaten with milk. It may cause gas trouble,vomiting, stomach pain.  Milk should not be taken with yogurt. 

    Bitter gourd should not be taken with ladies finger. It may cause stomach pain. Tomatoes should not be taken with oil. Avoid fermented foods at night.  It affects digestion. 

     Milk should not be taken with drumstick. Snake gourd( padavalanga) should not be taken with tomato. It may cause vomiting. 

     Potato should not be taken with an egg .It may cause stomach problems. 

     Should not take orange juice with cereals.  The acids in the orange destroys the enzymes that helps digest.

     Should not be taken with milk with melon. Should not be taken with cheese and beans. Should not be taken with honey and ghee.  

        Diet which aggravates the dishes  but does not eliminate from the body is called contradictory foods. Don’t take starches with proteins.Dont take acidic foods with starches. Avoid the combination  of egg and bacon. Avoid the combination of banana and milk.

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