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If you donot agree to these terms before February 8,your whatsapp will be cancelled

      Today I would like to inform  you about a new information of WhatsApp.We all are WhatsApp users.whatsapp is an American freeware ,messaging and voice over IP service by facebook. WhatsApp used to send messages,make voice calls share documents, videos ,etc .

     If you updated WhatsApp you are secure.  It prevents your messages from being intercepted during transmissions.  It allows to back up your messages.Over one billion people used this app.

      Now whatsapp changed their terms of use and privacy policy. Information about it can be seen appearing as soon as we use whatsapp.It is important that we agree to these terms before February  8 th.If not we have a chance to opt out of this app.

       We should accept their terms and conditions.   If we open whatsapp we get app notification window. The changes includes mainly WhatsApp services,how data is handled,how to connection with facebook. 

       We can accept the changes.we can delete the WhatsApp account. They collect WhatsApp users details and location,hardware model of mobile phone,operating system,IP address,battery charges,signal details,language.

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