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Archives / January 9, 2021

 A beautiful house in 2950 square feet  

    Today  I want to introduce you to a beautiful house It has 2950 square feet. Its roof is made up of Spanish series roofing tile.  It is very beautiful  house. This house has an open sit out.  First we enter into the main hall.      But the left side there is a living room. We can...CONTINUE READING

We should avoid the combination of these foods

     Today I would like to inform you  about a food never eat together. When we eat certain foods,we get stomach ache and gas trouble. Let’s see why this happened. This can happen when you eat contradictory foods together.      Banana should not be eaten with milk. It may cause gas trouble,vomiting, stomach pain.  Milk should not...CONTINUE READING
Category:Food, Health Tips