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Archives / January 5, 2021

We get 10 LED bulbs at Rs 65 from KSEB

      Today I would like to inform  you an information  about LED bulbs. We will get LED bulbs at Rs 65 from KSEB. Its purpose is to make our state becomes filament free kerala.      KSEB and energy management  center are jointly implementing this project. This gives us 9 watt LED bulbs. These bulbs has 3 year...CONTINUE READING

10 benefits provided by the government to the elderly  peoples

      Today I would like to inform you a happy news for the elderly peoples. Our state government has recently announced  10 benefits for the elderly peoples. Some of these schemes will come into effect by the 15th of January.It is very helpful to old age peoples.             These projects have been initiated with the coordination of...CONTINUE READING

How to make aloevera oil 

             Today I want share with you how to make aloe vera oil. Aloe vera  is a medicinal plant used to treat various health conditions. It contains anti oxidants and anti bacterial contents. We can use aloe vera for healing wounds. It reduces dental plaque and it reduces constipation. It prevent wrinkles.          We can apply aloe...CONTINUE READING
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