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Archives / January 1, 2021

Loan assistance of Rs 10,000 through swanidhi scheme

     Today I would like to inform  you a happy news about  a benefit from central government. Under the swanidhi scheme of the central government, those who are eligible  get Rs 10,000 each.This Rs 10,000 is available as loan assistance without collateral.      During the lock down, the livelihoods of many street vendors in urban areas came...CONTINUE READING

How to clean the gas burner

      Today we can see how to clean the gas burner. It is very useful idea.  Sometimes our gas do not flow correctly. Because of  some particles blocked the holes. It affect our cooking.Gas stoves are easy to clean.we can clean thoroughly gas burner.        We can clean the gas burner with water and vinegar,dishwashing detergent and...CONTINUE READING