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Archives / January 2021

E cards distribution for various welfare schemes

         Today I would like inform  you about a new card for welfare schemes. We get any types of benefits  and welfare pensions.Now a card is being introduced for various welfare fund schemes. This card will contain all the details of the person who are members of the welfare fund.         The card will contain all the...CONTINUE READING
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Pulse polio distribution  on January 31 st 2021

      Today I would like to inform  you about the pulse polio distribution.It is in January 31st. Pulse polio is being distributed to 24,49000 children in Kerala.       Pulse polio immunization established by the government of India. Its purpose is to eliminate poliomyelitis in India. Vaccinating all children under the age of 5 years against the Polio...CONTINUE READING

We can use CLC blocks to build houses

      Today I would like to introduce a new type of light weight  block to building houses.These blocks are called CLC (cellular light weight)blocks. Its weight is 9 kg.It is a finished material.         These blocks are light weighted .So it is simple to carry.It reduces heat a lot. We can uses this blocks to build upper...CONTINUE READING

A miracle oil to increase the mileage of vehicles

        Today I would like to inform you about the a new oil for increasing mileage.It will change the mileage level. It will protect the engine oil from overheating.  It helps to improve engine health.        It helps to smooth driving.  After pour this oil,the friction will decrease well. In automatic vehicles,When the gear changes there has...CONTINUE READING

LLOYID Portable AC 

           Today  I would like to inform you about a portable AC.Many of us travel to very hot places. As such situations, we are the ones who want this portable ac. In some places the heat can be very high. But normal AC cannot be used there. Portable AC is of great benefit to us in...CONTINUE READING
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Gramakam welfare schemes starts in panchayat

               Today I would like to inform you about a welfare scheme for those residing at the panchayat level. There are 941 panchayat in our state.This scheme is called gramakam. Its purpose is to make our state is completely free from poverty.        We will get many benefits through this scheme. We will get these benefits through...CONTINUE READING

Low cost quality used cameras in calicut

      Today we want to introduce a place where the low cost camera. It is in  ,calicut camera house , mavoor  road, opposite new bus stand ,Hi bon plaza , calicut 4.We will all types of camera from here.        It is used cameras. We get old to new cameras from here. Basic start camera,medium format camera,modeling...CONTINUE READING