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Archives / January 2021

Useful tips to clean the sofa easily

       Today we can see how to clean sofa in our home. We can clean sofas . But it is very difficult. we can use dry brush to remove loose particles. We can use vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa. We are  all wants to clean our home neatly and dust free..  If we want to...CONTINUE READING

Low budget electronic machines at kozhikode

       Today we want to introduce a shop with low budget electrical Machines.It is in kozhikode. This shops name is eham digital. We will get all quality branded materials  from  here.  We will get all financial schemes from here.       We will get different types of air conditioners  from here. Its lowest price is Rs 19,990.We will...CONTINUE READING
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New recommended salary changes in our Kerala state

      Today I would like to inform you about a new Information. State government has decided to increase salaries in our State. Our state government has recommended to the pay commission to increase the salary. The new proposal is that the minimum wage should be RS 23000.      The maximum salary of government  employees  be fixed ar...CONTINUE READING

3 important  benefits before the month of April

        Today I would like to inform you about 3 benefits from our state government. Last year we get many benefits from our state and central government.Increased our pension amount and we get free kits through ration shops.      This year we get 3 benefits before vishnu. We get pension amount Rs 1600 to our bank accounts.We...CONTINUE READING
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How to make portable firewood stove easily

        Today I would like to inform you about how to make a firewood stove easily. We can use this stove in our courtyard. Gas stoves are limited to basic functions. We all are used gas stoves for many purposes.Sometimes we make extra stove in our courtyard.        We all use this stove for frying fish to...CONTINUE READING

How to cure cracked heels

      Today I would like to inform you about an easy tip to clear the cracked heels.Cracked heels occur mainly in dry skin. It cause discomfort and uncomfortable nuisance .It is the tiny splits occur in dry and damaged heels.If untreated , it will occur deep and painful and dangerous infections.      Mainly it is caused by...CONTINUE READING

Main symptoms of blood cancer 

         Today I would like to share with you about the main symptoms of blood cancer. Blood cancer is the abnormal and excessive production of white blood cells. It forms in the bone marrow or lymphatic system.          Bone marrow contains stem cells.It can develop in to the red blood cells that carry oxygen to our body...CONTINUE READING

Diabetes patients should eat one egg per day

         Today I would like to inform you about the benefits of eating eggs by a diabetic patient. Diabetes is a metabolic disease that cause high blood sugar.  The  insulin hormone moves sugar from blood to cells . It can be stored for energy. But in the condition of diabetes, our body doesn’t make enough insulin.So...CONTINUE READING

E cards distribution for various welfare schemes

         Today I would like inform  you about a new card for welfare schemes. We get any types of benefits  and welfare pensions.Now a card is being introduced for various welfare fund schemes. This card will contain all the details of the person who are members of the welfare fund.         The card will contain all the...CONTINUE READING
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