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Archives / December 2020

Snehapoorvam scholarship  scheme for students

     Today I would like to inform you about a good news for all people. This benefit is available for children of all people without difference for APL,BPL category. This  benefit is called snehapoorvam scholarship scheme.      This benefit is available  to those who are experiencing  a lot of difficulties in life.Those whose parents have died can...CONTINUE READING

We get quality shoes from Rs 13

         Today I would like to inform  you a happy news. We get shoes at Rs 13.We are all buy a lot of shoes.We have a lot of coloured shoes in many models and designs. Today I want to share with you a place where you can get shoes at very low prices.         Shoes are available ...CONTINUE READING

How to pedicure feet at home

      Today we can see how to clean our feet.We should daily wash our feet to keep them clean.It is very essential. Because clean feet is the sign of neatness. Always clean our feet with nail brush. Use foot scrubber for heels.Gently pat your feet dry.          Avoid alcohol containing lotions. Soak our feet and use pumice...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Uses of orange peels

       Today we can see the important uses of orange peels.Orange is the citrus fruit .It is high in vitamin C.It improves our immune system.It lowers cholesterol and controls blood sugar level. One orange / day will give you adequate vitamin C. Morning time is the best time to eat. Take after the breakfast to avoid...CONTINUE READING

Three Benefits  from January 

        Today I would like to inform you about a happy  news.Now started the beginning of the second step of the  100 day karma programs in our state. Our state government has put  forward development projects worth Rs 10,000 crore.          There are about 60 lakh social security pensioners in our state.From January  onwards,social security pension recipients...CONTINUE READING

How to lasts longer LED TV without complaint

        Today we can see how to last longer  LED tv without complaint. LED Tv s functions more like computer. It offers high resolution video and audio quality.          In LED tv’s screen should be LCD type. But it has LED bulbs are using for back light. We can use this tv for long time. It has...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News

Main symptoms of breast cancer

     Cancer is an abnormal growth of cells invade or spread to other parts of body. It is more than 100 types. It is uncontrolled development of cells. It is caused by certain changes to genes. It is a leading cause of death. Cancer develops when the normal mechanism of body stops working. Cancer cells grow...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

How to sharpen the knives, scissors

         Today we can see how to sharpen the knife, scissor, grater in home. Sharpening is the practice of polishing a knife to reform its edge. We can always sharpen a knife.        Sharpen firstly the right side of the blade. With the tip of the knife at the bottom of the stone push the knife to...CONTINUE READING

How to make tasty beetroot wine

       Today we can see how to make beetroot wine. Beetroot is a root vegetable  .It has essential vitamins, minerals,medicinal properties. It helps to lower cholesterol level. It is a good source of iron. It helps to increase the Hb level.               It is a good source of fiber,vitamin B9,manganese,iron,potassium,vitamin c. It has many health benefits. It...CONTINUE READING
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