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Archives / November 2020

A new law for two wheelers in India about helmet

       Today I want to share with you an information about  a new rule for two wheel owners. This law has been introduced for the safety of two wheelers. Helmets used by two wheelers must  now be BIS marked only.          This law will coming up from June 2021.It is mandatory for all two wheelers. Lightweight quality...CONTINUE READING

Main symptoms of vitamin D deficiency 

      Vitamin D is the fat soluble vitamin.It is found in foods and when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin and form vitamin D.It promotes calcium absorption in the gut. It maintain adequate serum calcium and phosphate concentrations. Vitamin D is needed to bone growth .Vitamin D deficiency  causes thin ,brittle bone,rickets in children.        Vitamin...CONTINUE READING
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Natural remedy to get rid of dark spots on the face

             We use a lot of cosmetics to enhance the beauty of our face.But most of it has side effects.Today I would like to inform you about a natural remedy to whitening our skin.It helps to remove the complete black marks.This face pack helps to soften our face.                   We use fenugreek for this face pack.Fenugreek helps...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

We get Rs 3000/ month after 60 years of age

        We get many benefits from central and state governments. Today I would like to inform you about a central government scheme. Kisan mandhan Yojana is a initiative of our central government to help small farmers.We can apply through website of  Kisan Mandhan yojana.        Under this scheme the farmers get Rs 3000 per month. If the...CONTINUE READING

Loan assistance  Rs 5 lakh from Gramin bank

         We get many benefits from central and state governments. These benefits are very helpful to us. Today I would like to inform you about another benefit. Loans up to 5 lakh are available from Gramin Bank in our state.          It is a new loan scheme .It is called easy loan . We get this benefit...CONTINUE READING

1050 square feet house in 5 cents at 14 lakhs

          We are all searching low budget houses.There are a lot of people who build beautiful houses on a low budget.Today I want to tell you about a low budget modern house.It is 1050square feet and it  stands in 5 cents.        This beautiful house has a sitout,living room,dining room,kitchen,3 bed rooms,work area and store room.It has...CONTINUE READING

Natural remedy to relieve toothache,bad breath

              Tooth ache are  common to all people.It is the inflammation of the tooth,caused by any infection. Today I would like to inform you home remedy to relive from tooth ache.Brushing regularly to remove food particles. Using pain relievers provide temporary relief. But it may cause side effects. Symptoms  Fever Red,swollen gums Difficulty in swallowing         Salt...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

How to download PAN card using mobile phone

      We all have PAN card. But do you know that this PAN Card is in our mobile. Let’s see how to find it. PAN card is one of the most important financial identity card in our country. This card is essential for paying income tax. It is also necessary to make a payments in excess...CONTINUE READING
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New changes of  all banks in our country

             Today I would like to share with you about the changes that are taking place in the working day of banks in our state . In this situation where the Covid  19 is spreading a lot of restrictions have been implemented in our state. This is an important change. The bank is a place of...CONTINUE READING

The pension amount will be increased from January 2021

           In the time of this covid 19 we have received a lot of benefits from the central and state governments.These benefits were most helpful to us.Today I would like inform you a happy news.We get this benefit from january. The November pension will be available to those who eligible from the the 25th of November....CONTINUE READING