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Archives / October 2020

Importance to check the creatine level earlier

       One of the major problems that most of us face  is high levels of creatinine in the blood.We depend a lot of drugs to reduce the creatinine level. But let’s look what is  creatinine ,how it increases in our body and how to reduce creatinine level.       The main symptoms are swelling,loss of appetite, nausea,chest pain,fatigue,...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

Changes in gas distribution from November

       Today I would like to introduce you an important information about LPG distribution. A lot of changes have taken place now that affect ordinary people. The following are the changes in Bharat gas in Kerala Thiruvananthapuram and Cochin.This is an OTP system.            All information  about this distribution will be communicated to others by the distribution...CONTINUE READING

Free high speed internet in kerala

       We all are using internet in our phone.Some people depend on WIFI for internet.Some people access the internet via SIM on their phone.But the internet can costs a large amount every month.                It is a happy news for every people.Our state government is ready to launch a free internet service  by December 2020.It is called...CONTINUE READING
Category:News, Tech News

Abhayakirana benefit for widows

         We also benefit from a number of schemes. Today I would like to share with you about an important scheme in it.It is called Abhaya kirana scheme. This scheme is started at 2017-18.Through this scheme gets Rs 1000 per month. Women are the beneficiaries of this scheme.              This scheme is being implemented through the department...CONTINUE READING

Natural remedy to cure PCOD

          PCOD is a problem that affects all women over the age of 40 years.It is a hormonal disorder. It is a common health problem. It can cause irregular menstruation,difficulty in conceiving.If not treated it may cause diabetes,obesity,high cholesterol level.               In poly cystic ovarian disease,the ovaries produce more androgens.It causes stop ovulating and un mature eggs....CONTINUE READING

The easiest way to get rid of tooth ache

        Toothache is a major problem that is seen by almost everyone. We use many medications to relieve toothache. But none of them give an effective result. There will p be one relief for that time. Earlier this  problem was with elderly people.         We often depend on hospitals for this  problem. In case of toothache, it...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

EWS financial  reservation 10% for general category

           Today I would like to introduce about EWS certificate.It is for  economically weaker section.The government provides 10% reservation  for general category candidates for their education and jobs.This reservation  for those candidates who are not included under other reservations.This certificate  is also called income and assets certificate. You will get this certificate from Tehsil. Eligibility  You...CONTINUE READING

How to increase the internet speed without any apps

      We use many ways to increase the Internet speed on our phone. But often  none of them work.Today we will see how to speed up a slow connection. It is a simple way to increase the internet speed.We get extra speed to download.            We can download videos fastly.Let’s see how to increase the internet speed...CONTINUE READING

New decisions that employment guarantee members need to know

         The message of the Employment Guarantee was to achieve the goal that everyone has the right to work. There are many people in our state who are availing the benefits of the Rural Employment Guarantee scheme.            As part of the Employment Guarantee scheme a family in a rural area get employment for 100 days a...CONTINUE READING