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Archives / September 2020

Pravasi insurance  doubled 

      Pravasi’s are the back bone of our country.Norka roots giving an identity card to registered pravasi.It gives all facilities by norka roots.This identity card comes with personal accidental insurance coverage upto Rs 4 lakhs.      The validity of this identity card is 3 years.In case of accidental death this insurance gives Rs 2 – Rs 4...CONTINUE READING

We can build home theater at our home

     We can make an easily  home theatre at our home. Usually it is very costly. But now we can  build home theatre at low cost.       If you are build a home theater,you should know about the items ,you can save money.Today we can see about the E gate projector. We can make it very small...CONTINUE READING
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A beautiful house in 3 cents for   Rs 11 lakh

          A beautiful home is everyone’s dream. Everyone wants to have a beautiful home at a very low cost. The total design gives a beautiful touch at the first sight. Today I am introducing a 785 square feet house. But it  looks larger than its size.          This house included three bedrooms, sit out ,leaving come dining...CONTINUE READING

How to clean Aluva stove

            Kitchen is the most important part of a home. Everything we fit in the kitchen  after we have carefully examined it. The most important of them is the stove. A variety of stores are now found.          Aluva stoves are now the most common. When we put the stove it should be beautiful and useful to...CONTINUE READING

How to connect the phone to the TV .

          I would like to share with you about a system that allows us to see everything in our phone on our TV. We can see this using Wi-Fi. Now children in all households are learning through online.         But we can share the contents of this phone via Wi-Fi and watch it on TV. Another feature...CONTINUE READING
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Renewal of C.H.Muhammed koya Scholarship  started

        Students are getting a lot of benefits in these days. Today I would like to share with you about an important scholarship. Applications for a number of scholarships are now invited. This is an important scholarship. 2020-2021 Renewal application of  C H Mohammed Koya scholarship has now started.        Upto  Rs 13,000 is available through this...CONTINUE READING

PM free sewing machine 2020

          It is a situation where many people are losing their jobs during this corona time. Today I would like to share with you about a topic that is most useful  to all women. This is called Pradhan Mantri free sewing machine Yojana. It motivates the women for employment at home.          It is provided to economically...CONTINUE READING

E pos machine against those who violate traffic rules

            Today I would like to share with you about the epos system that detects illegal vehicle  owners and fines them instantly. The epos system to quickly find violators is getting into the hands of the police.            It was officially inaugurated on September 22nd. This system can detect  traffic offenders instantly.It was developed by the national...CONTINUE READING

How to cut churidar material in 5 minutes

      Let’s see how to sew a churidar beautifully at home. Those who do not know how to sew churidar can also sew  in this way. It does not require any measurement. We can sew it in 5 minute.         A churidar stitch costs around Rs 500 . Even if have a tailoring machine at home, many...CONTINUE READING
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