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Know if your phone is safe

        Most of us are whatsapp users. Good messages are coming through  whatsapp. But messages that cause many problems in the community have also come through whatsapp. WhatsApp even comes with scary messages for others.

            There are even messages asking if our smartphone is hacked. We often trust those messages and forward it  to others. Good messages are not forwarded to anyone.

          You are  all saw a message on your phone ,if you call *# 62# , you get a message “call forwarding ” in your phone means your phone  has been hacked. Let’s see how true this message. You have the answer in this message itself. Usually when we call someone we enter  their phone number. But the USSD code is entered to know the balance of our phone.

         We can enter MMI code. It contains the MMI code the company has entered in the system.. We need to type this code.we can get the code. Another one is sim based MMI code. If you enter that code, you can see the details inside the SIM.You should dial this code. Dialled MMI code is *#62#.

        This is the code that know if activate the  redirected forwarding our incoming calls to another number when our  phone is out of coverage or busy or switched off.

         The call shows forward and if there is a number, call customer care.please ask about the number. Missed call alert is coming to our phone. Thr company often includes numbers for missed call notifications.

          If voicemail is activated on your phone, a number may have been added for that as well. Many people are scared to see these numbers.

            Even if the number is added in this way, the message in whatsApp is not likely to become leak. If you are so scared just do it. Select  call forwarding in the settings. There you can activate phone forwarding to the number of your choice.

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