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Archives / September 26, 2020

How to recover forgot password

       We are all smartphone users. We also use passwords to use various applications on phone. gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc.       We opened these applications by creating an email and a password.Remembering a lot of passwords can be a difficult task.       How  we forget this password. Today I would like to share with you how to recover...CONTINUE READING
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Pravasi insurance  doubled 

      Pravasi’s are the back bone of our country.Norka roots giving an identity card to registered pravasi.It gives all facilities by norka roots.This identity card comes with personal accidental insurance coverage upto Rs 4 lakhs.      The validity of this identity card is 3 years.In case of accidental death this insurance gives Rs 2 – Rs 4...CONTINUE READING

We can build home theater at our home

     We can make an easily  home theatre at our home. Usually it is very costly. But now we can  build home theatre at low cost.       If you are build a home theater,you should know about the items ,you can save money.Today we can see about the E gate projector. We can make it very small...CONTINUE READING
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