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Archives / September 22, 2020

How to cut churidar material in 5 minutes

      Let’s see how to sew a churidar beautifully at home. Those who do not know how to sew churidar can also sew  in this way. It does not require any measurement. We can sew it in 5 minute.         A churidar stitch costs around Rs 500 . Even if have a tailoring machine at home, many...CONTINUE READING
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How to easily pay off home loans from banks

     Here are some of the most important things that home loan people need to pay attention to and want to share with you today. Most of us are take  loans to building a home. But we all have a hard time repaying our loans these days.        Because there are those who have lost their jobs...CONTINUE READING

A beautiful house for Rs 14 lakh

       Today I want to share with you about a small house with 960 square feet. This is a beautiful house. This house stands in 5 cents. We can build this house for Rs  14 lakh. This is a house for the common man.        There is a sit out of good length. On either side of...CONTINUE READING