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Archives / September 21, 2020

An easier way to build  a house without a Bank loan 

              Owing a home is everyone’s dream. We are all take loans  to build a house. But let’s see how to build a beautiful house without taking a loan. Build a house within our limits first. Avoid all luxuries.           First  prepare a  budget for your home. Then find the money to build the house. It is...CONTINUE READING

Farmer welfare scheme in our state which has many benefits

       I would like to share with you a bill that has been passed only for our state of Kerala. This is a farmers welfare fund after the Kisan Samman fund. All the farmers in Kerala will get the benefit of this farmers welfare fund.          We can available various benefits from this farmers welfare fund. This...CONTINUE READING

Gas subsidy will be available again from October

          The central government has been restarted the gas subsidy that we have not received for the last four months. The subsidy reaches about 26 crore bank accounts. Through the direct benefit transfers (DBT),the subsidy reaches the accounts.           The subsidy amount has not reached our accounts for the last four months.This was due to lower global...CONTINUE READING