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Electric scooters at Rs 41,000

         Each of us  travels a long distance everyday. But petrol itself will cost us a  huge amount. Today I want to share with you about the electric scooter romai. It  is very popular in Kerala and chennai. You can buy this scooter at an affordable price. 

             It is very useful for us. Because it do not need  license, insuance,tax,petrol or registration to drive. It has good quality and we get this scooter at better price. This electric scooter can fully charged and we can travel long distances on a single  charge.

           With 1 ½  unit of electricity, we can travel 75 km. On the electric scooter, we have the  option to charge the phone. This contains bluetooth speakers. We an attend the call and hear the music.We will get this electric scooters from welgare motors  from Thripunithara near the hill palace at Ernakulam district.

         The production  of this scooters at kalamassery.This  scooter is in the cycle category. Because  it don’t need license.Led acid and lithium batteries are used this scooters.The  rate of led acid batteries are Rs 11,000 -18,000.The lithium batteries are rate from Rs 16,000 – 26,000.The rate of scooter is  Rs 41,000. These has variety of models.

         We get bajaj finance loans for this scooter. The weight of this scooter is 50 – 65 kg. The minimum  battery charge time is 4-6 hrs. It should be charged after driving at least 20 km. 

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