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Archives / September 6, 2020

How to make  sandalwood candles

      The number of unemployed person is  increased during this period of covid 19. So today I want to introduce you to a job that can be done at  home.That is sandal wood manufacturing business.You can start this business with small investment.In this business, you can using machines. It is a very simple small business.            This...CONTINUE READING
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The market for cheapest, beautiful  tiles

              Building a house can be a difficult task. Because now is the time when the price of everything you need to build a house is going up. But if we work very carefully and wisely,  we can build a house at a very low cost. The most important thing in a home is it’s flooring....CONTINUE READING

    A beautiful house for Rs 6 lakh

     If you want to build a good house during this time, it will cost around Rs 30 lakh. But today I want to introduce you how to build a beautiful house for just Rs 6 lakh. We are introducing  a house at mathra near panthirankavu in kozhikode district. There we go to a house prepared...CONTINUE READING
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