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Archives / September 4, 2020

Changes  in welfare  pensions from September

         Welfare pensions have been a source of comfort to us in these covid 19 times. There are about 58 lakh people in Kerala who are  receiving Social Security and welfare pensions. But an investigation by your state government, has found that many ineligible people are receiving Social Security pensions.            The government has decided to exclude...CONTINUE READING

Special features of  Jeep Compass Night Eagle

        Jeep compass is a  four wheel vehicle size  class between subcompact and mid size cars.It cross over SUV introduced 2007 model.The first generation is compass and patriot.The second generation is resemble with cherokee and renegrade. This is a jeep model in India  since 2017.Jeep is introduced in US as a miltry vehicle in 1941.Now it...CONTINUE READING