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Archives / September 2020

How to make your photo in  sticker form

        Our phones have a lot of stickers. We know what are the use of a stickers. We often use stickers instead of comments. Already we use face stickers of many movie stars.        Today is a new variety that introduces you. We can make stickers with our face. Today I want to introduce you to how...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News

How to relieve knee pain with apple cider vinegar

                Many  of us suffer from various aches and pains like knee pain, neck pain,etc. We often depend on ointment for such pain. But it do not completely cure this pain. But today I want to share with you the remedy for complete cure of knee pain.This is a successful remedy. This will helps to relieving...CONTINUE READING
Category:Health Tips

How to repel mosquitoes with onions

          We use many methods to repel mosquitoes.But often the truth is that none of them work. Many of the mosquito repellents  used are harmful to our health.            They contain chemicals that can even affect our lungs. Therefore first of all, it is essential that we avoid mosquito breeding grounds.                I want to share with you...CONTINUE READING

How to transfer old phone contacts to new phone

              We are all smartphone users. We save a lot of contacts on the phone. If we lose our contact from this phone, let’s see how we can recover it. We can change this contacts to a new phone from old phone. I want to introduce you to how it is.         If we want to...CONTINUE READING
Category:News, Tech News

Link your Aadhaar card with your ration card before September 30

     In the covid-19 ,we have received many benefits from the central and state governments. With the time of increased covid-19 ,people are once again looking to the government for financial assistance.          The central government has promised another financial package.It also includes the distribution of free food grains.       Priority cards get free rice and pulses from...CONTINUE READING

A beautiful 4 bedroom house with courtyard 

                 Today I would like to share with you about the plan of a Courtyard house with  four bedrooms. It is a beautiful house. This house is built at 12 cents. This house has two entrances .This house has a total of four bedrooms. Two of them are bath attached. Another two bedrooms  have a common...CONTINUE READING

Some things we don’t pay attention to on YouTube

      We are all use YouTube’s apps on mobile. We have to keep our whatsapp and Facebook messenger locked on our mobile. But do we lock the YouTube app?         Even children in our homes can search YouTube and watch their favourite videos. Today I would like to share with you a few things we need to...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News

How to recover forgot password

       We are all smartphone users. We also use passwords to use various applications on phone. gmail, Facebook, Instagram etc.       We opened these applications by creating an email and a password.Remembering a lot of passwords can be a difficult task.       How  we forget this password. Today I would like to share with you how to recover...CONTINUE READING
Category:Tech News

Pravasi insurance  doubled 

      Pravasi’s are the back bone of our country.Norka roots giving an identity card to registered pravasi.It gives all facilities by norka roots.This identity card comes with personal accidental insurance coverage upto Rs 4 lakhs.      The validity of this identity card is 3 years.In case of accidental death this insurance gives Rs 2 – Rs 4...CONTINUE READING
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