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Archives / June 2020

How to reduce belly fat with cumin water 

              Today I would like to share with you in the best way to get rid of your stomach in just 7 days. Melt your belly fat with this cumin  water. We know that cumin has a lot of benefits . This is one of the best qualities we can all have. The cumin water helps...CONTINUE READING

Central state assistance to Kerala women Rs 6000 

        This is a benefit of around Rs 6000 for women across the country . It is coordinated by the central and state governments. There are a lot of eligible people in our state who are different from APL BPL for this benefit. And there are those who are still benefiting. It is a joint  project...CONTINUE READING

Kits for school students in the state

               In the event of lockdown, all the ration shops in the state were supplying free kits . Similarly our state government is going to distribute free kits for school children. This is the first time the  kit will be distributed to school children. About 26 lakh students will get this benefit.         The distribution of the...CONTINUE READING

7 exercises for chubby cheeks

       Today I want to share with you a quick remedy for chubby cheeks. We use coconut oil only for this purpose. For that it does not matter go to behind the artificial medicines. Naturally we can change this. Despite the weight of the body, some people cheeks don’t see much size.                   Today we are going...CONTINUE READING

Last date to link Aadhaar card with PAN card June30 th

            One of the most important topics would like to share with you. You may lose up to Rs 10,000 from your negligence. Do you have a pan card?  you should know these things for sure.            The central finance ministry issued an order yesterday. It was supposed to link the Aadhar card to the  PAN card....CONTINUE READING

What is saura Solar subsidy 2020

          Today I am going to be said is a relief for those who are eyeing the  draft bill of KSEB . Emergency measures are underway from the side of KSEB. One of the biggest benefits is coming to us  from KSEB.              We have about 30% of our electricity from KSEB. The remaining 70% of electricity...CONTINUE READING

Rs 350 for dialysis and free for the poor peoples

        Eldo mar basilian dialysis Centre, located at Aripra is  2 km away from Perumbavoor, Ernakulam. It is an institution that serves as a helping hand for the destitute . It is an institution that relieves  the tears of many poor people. Typically a dialysis scan cost up to Rs 2,000. Generally here the cost of...CONTINUE READING

How to make soft tasty  milk cake

 Let’s see how to make a soft milk cake that is easy for anyone to make in our houses. We can make the same taste in the tea shops . We can make this in a short time . We get a lot of time during this lockdown. So please take time to  make the...CONTINUE READING
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The benefits from subhiksha Keralam scheme 2020 

      Various benefits are now being distributed through the Krishi Bhavan of our local self government in the state of Kerala under the name of Subhiksha  Kerala project . Applications are invited from various organisations such as trust, kudumbasree units,groups extra for acquisition of barren lands in our country and to make the land. Suitable for...CONTINUE READING
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