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Archives / June 28, 2020

Saphalam 2020 application for SSLC results 

         SSLC result in a state will be announced on June 30th at 2 p.m. The peak time for a lot of traffic is between 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. An application for the kite has also come up with  for you to take a quick look at the result.There is a result that is looking...CONTINUE READING

New Jan Dhan account application started

         Today I would like to share with you a number of benefits are announced by the central government, namely Jan Dhan account get benefits like gas cylinder subsidy and Rs 500 monthly to the woman’s account. I would like to convey the happiest news. Now the applications for jan dhan  account have been accepted.         You...CONTINUE READING

Free ration  5 kg each for those who do not have ration card

            Now in the time of covid-19,I  am here to tell you about a project that the central government has started. It is called the central Athma nirfar bharat scheme. keep Accordingly it is the  central ration scheme to provide 5 kg of rice per each person for the guest workers who have arrived in our...CONTINUE READING
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