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Archives / June 2, 2020

Pay the current bill as  installments

       For the common man in our state, I would like to tell you that there is a huge benefit.  In the time of covid-19, this is the biggest benefit for domestic beneficiaries on the part of KSEB. For people who have already made payments online, but not at the cash counter it has been decided...CONTINUE READING

Home remedy for Visual impairment

          During this time period, we are often seeing people who are too young to wear power glasses . Most people useslower glasses. The main reason for this is our diet and the work we do. In ancient times, the use of mirrors  was very few. At that time people eat healthy foods . Only if...CONTINUE READING
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Benefits of the NREGS members 

       we all know that extent of the terror of lockdown. There was a time when we had to wait for governments every plan. There  are rural employment guarantee schemes that benefit from the government sector .even if the livelihoods are in the works in some areas of our region.It is  Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment...CONTINUE READING

How to save cooking gas

            The quickly exhaust of cooking gas is something that bothers all housewives. We can avoid this by caring at a few things. We lost a lot of gas due to our negligence. some important tips to save cooking gas.  Always try to use  small bowls.  When using a small bowl, light the fire on the...CONTINUE READING
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