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Archives / May 2020

Flour mill business ,daily earn Rs 1500

           Today we are going to introduce to a small milling business that can be started with Rs 20,000.  With this business, you can easily earn above Rs 1500 per day . The starting cost of this business is its  machinery. The machine is priced at under Rs 9,000. In addition you can start this business...CONTINUE READING

Loans upto 30 lakh for returning expatriates 

              This is the loan you get, Rs 10 lakh without bail and up toRs 30 lakh with surety. This is NORKA’ s  new project. it is a project for our own expatriates who have gone abroad to work for our country. In particular many are trying to come home lose their jobs from the Gulf...CONTINUE READING

Goat farming financial schemes Rs l lakh

          The government has  announced a new scheme for goat farming. Up to Rs 1,00,000 has been declared in the Employment Guarantee scheme without reimbursement for goat farming . During this corona season ,agriculture and other things are being promoted by our government. Rs 1 lakh  is being provided by our government for this project. There...CONTINUE READING

Rs 10,000 for Jan Dhan account holders

                  As far  as people with a  Jan Dhan account is concerned ,this is the period of greatest benefit. We get the biggest benefit of not advertisement through banks. This means that up to RS 10,000 will be available to the jan dhan bank account holders. It has a special interest. But we do not need...CONTINUE READING

The benefits of aloe vera applying on the face at night

            Today I am going to describe about a skin whitening tip  then you can make at home. We can easily make it. The ingredients required for this all at home. Main ingredient is Aloe Vera Gel. If you have aloe vera at home, take  gel from it. The yellow colour that comes from the jel...CONTINUE READING

Pradhanmantri Mudra Yojana scheme ,child Loan

            Benefits of Rs 50,000 in the time of this covid 19.  Applicants for this project are growing more vigorously. Likewise the distribution of benefit increases .There are 6 lakh beneficiaries in Kerala . In this scheme ,child loan disbursement is the first phase of a Mudra loan . We get this loan for as much ...CONTINUE READING

Central Government accidental Insurance Schemes 

                We are following private insurance companies. It is because of our health condition and the risk factors in our lives.As part of this, there are various schemes on the part of the central government, which from our own hands receive only a small amount of money and provide us with all the healthcare . We...CONTINUE READING

Moratorium extended for next 3 months

            Currently  the Moratorium is being extended on the recommendation of RBI. The Moratorium which we got for 3 months, has been extended for another 3 months. Then there is the moratorium period from March to August 31st. The various banks that are currently applying for the moratorium such as personal loan/ home loan/ educational loan/...CONTINUE READING

Home remedy for Toenail fungus

      The term toe nail fungus is a disease that comes to most of us. It is most commonly seen in women .people who stay in mud  for a long time also get this disease. If a toe Nail fungus comes to our feet, we are in a state of distress on the feet. It can...CONTINUE READING

Homemade tasty creamy ice cream

            Today I came up with an ice cream recipe. So simple, let’s put the ingredients in our house and make a nice tasty ice cream. There is no need to buy any other creams for this purpose.  Ingredients         milk              – 200ml        sugar            – ¾...CONTINUE READING
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